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Luminous Large Moon Glowing Wall Sticker For Sale + Free Shipping

Want your own moon in your room?

  • Make your room more romantic with this moon wall sticker.
  • This is a small and appreciable contribute for decorating your room.
  • Improve your room environment with this glowing wall decal.
  • Cheer up your kid by gifting these beautiful glowing wall stickers.
  • 30 cm sizing with a High-intensity glow.
  • Economic in price
  • These luminous wall stickers are made up of high-quality light absorbing material due to which it will shine more at night.
Please note:
  • This item will be directly shipped from our warehouse, which is located in China and the United Kingdom. It can take 7-28 days for delivery of the product. Please co-operate with us for good customer-seller relationship.
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