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LED water Tap Temperature Sensor

Make your water taps more interesting!

  • Improve your home decoration with these amazing water Tap LED faucets.
  • Also has the ability to check the water temperature.
  • Color changes on the basis of water temperature.
  • Have 3 colors.
  • The red light flashes when the water is too hot (between 41-50 degree Celsius)
  • The Green light flashes when the water is warm (between 30-40 degree Celsius)
  • The Blue light flashes when the water is Cold (between 10-30 degree Celsius)
  • Made up of high-quality stainless material.
Please note:
  • This item will be directly shipped from our warehouse, which is located in China and United Kingdom. It can take 7-28 days for delivery of the product. Please co-operate with us for good customer-seller relationship.
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