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Latest Teeth Whitening kit Dental Bleaching

Teeth are not pearls until you smile.

  • A smile plays an important role to attract someone. Make your smile more attractive.
  • Remove the stains from teeth using this teeth whitening kit.
  • Whitens your teeth to 7-10 shades.
  • Make you hygienic and beautiful with its effective results.
  • 100% branded and high-quality product.
  • ingredient: Peroxide.
Package contains:
  • 10 X Whitening Gel (3 ml each).
  •  2 X Latest design thermoform single arch trays.
  • 1 X Mini cold light whitening lamp.
  • 1 X Professional 3D Teeth Shade Guide.
  • A step by step instruction manual for your convenience.

How to Use:

Step - 1: Making yourself filled trays.

  • Heat the mouth tray under 80-degree Celsius hot water and warm it up about 10 seconds. 
  • Put the mouth tray over your teeth and use your finger to gently try till it molds your teeth. 
  • Set the trays firmly against the teeth.
Step- 2: Compare the teeth using teeth shade guide.

Step- 3: Apply whitening gel.

  • Apply a thin layer of whitening gel to both mouth trays.
  • Spread the gel evenly ( 0.25 to 0.4 ml for each tray is sufficient)
Step- 4: Insert the trays in the mouth and over the teeth and set the trays firmly against the teeth.

Step- 5:

  •  Insert the tray for 7-10 minutes. 
  • Flash the LED teeth whitening lamp over the trays.
  • Then rinse with water.
Step- 6: Post-process.
  • After teeth whitening use mouth spray. It can make you fresh breath.
  • Repeat this process twice a day. And do this treatment again after 3 days.
  • Compare your teeth with the old result using shade card.
  • Make sure you rinse and dry the trays before further use. 

Please note:

  • This item will be directly shipped from our warehouse, which is located in England, and China. It can take 7-28 days for delivery of the product. Please co-operate with us for good customer-seller relationship.
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